Mindfulness Courses

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Bromley Mindfulness Courses Introduction

Feel happier, more focused and less stressed in six weeks
Attend our 6-Week Mindfulness course and transform your ability to cope with difficult situations, unhelpful thoughts and uncomfortable feelings.

Our structured mindfulness training courses focus on building Resilience. Resilience is the capacity to bounce back from difficulties and adversity. By attending this course you will learn the skills to reduce stress, anxiety and worry.

In addition to the latest mindfulness and resilience techniques, you will benefit from real-life examples, one-to-one guidance and gain an understanding of why you think and feel the way they do.

Mindfulness Courses – Dates

Start Date Course Type
Tue Feb 20th Tuesday evenings 6 week Course
Wed Feb 21st Wednesday evenings 6 week Course

Mindfulness Courses – Pricing

Course Fees
6 week course – £195
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Course content

Our mindfulness courses combine the most effective mindfulness techniques. The mindfulness courses are packed with with real life examples. There is personal guidance and support combined with the latest tools and techniques. Our mindfulness courses will equip you with the tools and techniques you need to learn resilience.

You’ll leave the course with the skills to:

  • Reduce negative thoughts and emotions
  • Increase your wellbeing and happiness
  • Reduce the impact of difficult experiences

What you will get from the course

  • Intensive in-person and online multi-channel training
  • Free access to our weekly meditation classes for the duration of the course
  • Many meditation practices
  • Supporting online handouts for each session
  • Online video clips
  • Guided online meditation MP3s
  • Supported homework
  • E-book recommendations, scientific papers, news articles, literature and references
  • A springboard for your personal development or further study
  • Membership of the Bromley Mindfulness student community with regular meditation classes, retreats, workshops and social events
  • Six month’s telephone, text or email support

Page Sections

About Mindfulness-Based Resilience
About Emotional Resilience
Our Training
Our Training Location
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About Mindfulness-Based Resilience

About Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a natural trait. Anyone can learn the state of mind that is mindfulness. You will learn to step into the present moment and get the very best from it. Our mindfulness training helps you to observe your thoughts, feelings and behaviour without being overwhelmed. You can unlearn unhelpful attachment and judgement.

The History of Mindfulness

Mindfulness training is an ancient collection of tools and techniques taught in a modern way. Thousands of scientific studies have produced evidence of reductions in stress and anxiety from meditation and mindfulness.

How Mindfulness is being used

Global organisations use mindfulness to advance themselves. Examples are: the NHS, Google, Intel, Bank of America, as well as sportsmen, athletes, the US military and many others.

What changes with Mindfulness?

We learn to step back from compulsive or repetitive thoughts and feelings. We learn to observe our surroundings with a sense of connection that brings fulfilment. These are simple yet powerful techniques. They can change how we think, feel and act in the face of the challenges of everyday life.

Who can benefit?

Our mindfulness courses are not just for stress reduction.
For high-achievers, our tools and techniques can accelerate your personal development. Everyone leaves with new skills and for some, the experience can be transformational.

About Resilence

Resilience is learning to cope with adversity in a way that helps us cope with future adversity. Resilience can be learned and there are a number of techniques that allow us to do so. We focus on these techniques during the course.

Dealing with stressful experiences

We teach tried and tested stress management techniques that you can use in the moment when you are expecting or experiencing stress. We teach techniques to deal with the aftermath and also how to return to a happy and balanced state of mind.

Finding calmness in the turmoil

By attending our mindfulness course, you will learn how to manage high stress situations. You will learn to recognise and manage the after-effects. You can find that deep well of calm that only seems to be available to a few.

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Our Training

Carefully structured and designed training

Our mindfulness courses are designed to give you the best results. We run run schedules to fit in with the busy lives of our students. Our mindfulness courses include daily mindfulness exercises. There is additional information and day-to-day practices. Our training combines the very latest techniques in mindfulness, meditation and personal development.

Multichannel Learning

We use cutting-edge Multichannel Learning. We include; presentations, video clips, easy-to-understand diagrams, guided meditations and handouts. Our content is packed with references and resources.

What you’ll leave the course with

  • A head-start or hand-up in your personal development
  • A clear understanding of mindfulness
  • An understanding of what mindfulness can mean for your life
  • A range of tools and techniques to enhance your wellbeing and life satisfaction
  • Six months email and phone support
  • Membership of a student community that meets locally
  • Access to social events
  • Access to graduate only events and retreats
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Training Location

Our Learning Space

Our learning space is a quiet retreat and ideal for mindfulness training. We are in a serene, high ceilinged, Victorian townhouse. Our training room has delightful patio with plenty of natural light for the summer and a roaring log fire for the winter. We are a four minute walk from Bromley South station which is 16 minutes from victoria.

The room is a perfect setting for practicing and learning mindfulness.There is comfortable seating for all. Students can bring meditation cushions if they prefer.

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