What is micromeditation?

We live in a crazy, busy, non-stop, plugged-in, online world.

We all know that we need to slow down and so we do things like meditation, yoga, exercise, music and so on, but that is all extra-curricular activity.

It is all in the bookends to our days, or our weeks, but it is in our day-to-day experience that we need to somehow, try to find the time to step out of the madness for just one moment and allow ourselves to recover.
This is what is known in physiology as refractory time.

Refractory time allows us to recover and continue with what we are doing without needing to take a time-out and without accumulating stress.

How can we do this?

This is what micromeditation is all about.

I shall be posting small snippets of advice, experiences and information on how you can find a bit of sanity in your day.

Post One, the next post, will be on mindfulness meditation.

Make sure you check it out.

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