visualisation meditation

I personally don’t do many visualisation meditations when I am meditating on my own.

I often do visualisations when I am taking a group session simply because it is fun and my students enjoy it.

The gratitude bubble meditation

Focus your attention on your breath
Move the focus of your attention to the bottom of your lungs, let yourself be aware of your breath filling the bottom of your lungs
Bring your attention to a point 3 inches behind your navel – this is called your inner body
Be aware of a tiny dim point of light there, similar to the light of a distant star
Watch it grow to become like a bright star
Be aware of it growing to the size of a tennis ball, then a beach ball, then growing to envelop your entire body so you are sitting in a bubble of starlight
Think of something or someone that you can feel grateful for or appreciative of
Let that feeling fill the bubble
Let the bubble of gratitude grow to the size of the room, then to the size of your town and eventually the entire planet
Be aware that you can extend your gratitude and appreciation to all of the creatures and plants on this planet, spinning through space, one big extended family

Hold that thought then, slowly, allow the ball to shrink back to the size of a tiny pinpoint of light and finally wink out



visualisation meditation by Bromley Mindfulness is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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