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Learn to feel good – the healthy way. Discover the training to suit you using the links below. Select from our flagship course, regular classes, retreats, workshops and coaching.

Mindfulness training tailored to your needs
You can build our training options up into a personally customised course that will give you the training you need when you need it. Everything from popping in to our guided meditation drop-in classes whenever it is convenient to joining us on our intensive residential retreats.

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Feel happier, more focused and less stressed in six weeks
Attend our 6-Week Mindfulness course and transform your ability to cope with difficult situations, unhelpful thoughts and uncomfortable feelings.

Mindfulness Courses
Our regular, local, guided meditation classes are open to everyone, whatever your level of experience. You will learn techniques that will help you to reduce: Stress, Anxiety and Worry and promote: Focus, Calmness and Relaxation.

Meditation Classes
Bromley Mindfulness runs regular retreats in and around Bromley, Kent and London. Our retreats are all themed on subjects associated with mindfulness and meditation. Check our retreat schedule by clicking the button below.

In addition to teaching mindfulness to individuals in Bromley and neighbouring areas, We work with organisations of all sizes from global organisations to local community support charities throughout London and the South East.

Group Training
To get the very best from your mindfulness training and to help you deepen your practices. Robert offers one-to-one coaching in person and online. Contact him for details.

Contact Robert
Contact us directly by clicking the button below for guidance, information or bookings

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