The Truth About You – Day Retreat in Beckenham – Sunday October 8th 2017

The Truth About You

“You need to talk about you, and we all need to talk about us.”
In the 21st-century, life can feel like an infinite loop.
Get up, go to work, come home, watch the TV, go to bed, party at weekends.
Then there is the infinite loop of the mind.
Juggling infinite task, infinite lists of infinite tasks, going over past events, constantly rehearsing what to say, what to do and the endless judging: is this right?, is this wrong?, is this fair, is this unfair?, is this good?, is this bad?, will I won’t I? should I? would I? could I?
It is as if every waking moment is captured by the contents of our minds.
On this retreat, we will explore the nature of the mind and the content of the mind using powerful tools that can help us to find calmness and happiness in our otherwise hectic lives.

Understanding our minds

Science tells us that we spend half our waking lives in our own minds: thinking, remembering, imagining, shuffling the infinite task lists and worrying how it will ever get done. And yet, there is no public dialogue about our inner dialogue. There’s nothing in literature or in the media about that 50% of our waking lives.
Where are our lessons at school or at home about managing our minds? As a society we are constantly promoting a culture to nurture our physical body, but the health of our mind has never been on the social agenda unless we stop functioning when it is unhelpfully referred to as mental illness with all of the attendant stigma and baggage. The medical community, our National Health Service, are fully aware of the impact the mind has over our lives. Stress related illness and disease is on the rise, costing us billions.

Busy Mind

The Inner Voice – The Final Taboo

Michelle and Robert are determined to break the silence about this final social taboo, which is the contents of our own minds. We need to get the conversation into the public domain. With an abundance of self help books on the market, titles stretching from religion to science for guidance and support, it is often confusing to know where to begin. Leaving the spiritual or scientific jargon and dogma behind, Michelle and Robert will be discussing our minds, and the meditative tools we can use to explore them, in simple and useful ways that are accessible to everyone.

When is it?

The conversation about the inner conversation starts on Sunday October the 8th.

Where is it?

You can step out of your daily grind and into our beautiful training space to experience a serene and inspiring escape from your busy life.

The workshop will be run in the sedate 18th century Georgian Drawing Room of the Grade II listed Beckenham Place Mansion which has a panoramic view of 237 acres of carefully tended gardens, lawns and flowers and woodland. The Mansion is a decorate and graceful space that sits in natural stillness, offering an inspiring and ideal place to practice mindfulness and meditation without distraction. You will feel better, happier, and more relaxed, from visiting our pleasant retreat, designed to bring calm, comfort and quiet.

Beckenham Place Park has been recovered for the wider community with £4.9M of Lottery funding. We are fortunate to have access to such a perfect location which enables a connection to the stillness and serenity of nature into our meditation experience in such a graceful way. We are surrounded by transport links with four stations less than twenty minutes walk away, many buses and free parking directly outside the building. See below for details. A light lunch is included. The Mansion also has a cafe which is the social centre of our community.


£75 – Includes a light lunch and refreshments. Contact us for details.

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Who is it for?

This isn’t a therapeutic group or a mental health intervention. This is for people with healthy and busy minds that want to learn the tools to use, and the insight they need, to explore their own inner experience in a useful way with practical day-to-day benefits. Knowledge and understanding are the first steps on the most important journey of our lives, the journey to understanding our own minds.



Introduction – 11am
Michelle Neverending Story – the narration of you
Robert Who’s in charge? – an insight into our inner experience
Lunch About 1pm


Michelle Making Sense of it all
Robert Who am I? – what is the self?
Afternoon Tea
Michelle How our body talks to us – taking a look at intuition and trust
Robert Communication – what is it really?
Feel free to arrive between 10 and 11 as the cafe is open downstairs. We will be in the Drawing Room from 11am.

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The Truth About You – Day Retreat in Beckenham – Sunday October 8th 2017 by Bromley Mindfulness is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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