Robert Mitchell and I met when I attended one of his mindfulness classes in Bromley. I found it really practical and applicable to daily life. At my invitation Robert started some sessions at our hospital. Short sessions for healthcare workers. The feedback has been excellent and more and more clinical staff have attended his sessions and found them to be highly relevant and useful in their daily lives. Highly recommended!Dr. Ali Bokhari Director of Medical Education Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust Associate County Dean for Kent, Health Education KSS

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I have recommended to a lot of people I know, and I will continue to do so. Bromley Mindfulness changed my outlook on life for the better, and the techniques I learnt during the course have helped me overcome difficult situations and I am sure this will continue going forward. Thank you Robert.Amylee Parker
I am someone who struggles to meditate and I’m not able to attend as often as I would like, but I have found Robert’s classes and course really helpful. I find when I attend that I am much calmer as it seems to help meditating in a group, as there is a lovely relaxed energy. I also use ‘gratitude ‘ every day, which has made me feel much more, how can I put it, grateful for what I have in life. Thankyou Robert also for being very helpful and supportive after classDeborah Carlini
I have been looking for Mindfulness Classes in Bromley and now I have found it!
What a gem!
Plain English, down to earth, no-nonsence Mindfulness…as simple as that. Mindfulness… full stop.
Love Robert’s themes and his simple explanations followed by guidance and actual meditation. Works very well for me and keeps my mind still and happy.
I come to Saturday morning classes at Venue 28: beautiful and airy room, and very comfortable chairs ( which is important if one has to sit still for an hour).
All in all, 5/5.Natalia Read
Love Bromley Mindfulness – really helped me!Ruth Lacey
I’ve been a regular student at Bromley Mindfulness for over 2yrs. I highly recommend Roberts classes, courses and retreats. He’s friendly, compassionate, super knowledgeable, and he has the perfect voice for guided meditations!Julia Osborne
I have attended this course and found it hugely beneficial. Robert is skilled at delivering information, managing differing needs in the group and giving everyone a chance to engage at their own pace. The content of the course was detailed , with lots of opportunity to practice. Robert is generous with his time to enable participants to learn at their own pace whilst being able to share a lot of information. I would highly recommend this course RachelRachel Maloney
I recently completed the 8-week Mindfulness & Meditation course and thoroughly enjoyed it. Robert was exceptionally knowledgeable and delivered the content in a very ‘easy-to-digest’ manner. I look forward to continuing my practice.Suzanne Williams
“It is really helping me to calm and reduce my stress. I am going through a very difficult time in my life and it is helping me to think in a calm rational way.”Karen Marsh
The day retreat and the beginning of August was wonderfully uplifting and my mind was almost still for 3 days after! (The inner chatter of my mind subsided markably).Eileen Hendon
What a fantastic group! Very welcoming and friendly bunch. As for Robert, he is extremely knowledgeable and interesting and having attempted meditation in the past, I am happy to finally have found someone who has helped me to “get it”. I cannot recommend this group and Robert highly enough.Debs
Robert is a man who is on top of his craft…he is a man with empathy and a wealth of experience. There wasn’t anything that he could not relate to. The most amazing thing though is his through understanding of, not just mindfulness, but of life itself… a good and gifted man, whose clients will benefit enormously…Alex Martin
… I don’t think I can find the same quality of meditation teaching in my area… He uses different topics to focus on and everybody can find what they needJeannie Le Berre
…There was one particular technique which has made an enormous difference to my life, and yet which no one else seems to teach or know about… Thank youSara Champion
..very friendly group of like minded people where the focus is on Mindfulness and well being as a group and as individuals. Reassuring and educational guidance from…Well worth coming to.Chris H

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