One Day Meditation Retreat Sunday March 4 2018

Meditation session at the Connection Retreat in March 2018


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Learn to meditate or learn to deepen your meditation practice.

By attending our meditation retreat, you will learn the skills that will help you to build a sustainable and helpful meditation practice. Our meditation training will help you to build your repertoire of meditations. You will learn how and why they work, which meditations will give you what you need. This will help you to bring mindfulness, calmness, relaxation and peace of mind to your day.

The focus of the retreat is meditation. Robert will take you on a journey from the basic practices of mindfulness meditation, through intermediate techniques that exercise our perception and through to advanced meditation in a variety of styles while also including his personally devised meditations such as The Presence Meditation, The 10×10 Meditation, De-Stress Meditation and The Candle and the Breath meditation featured by Ruby Wax.

Join us for our first this year’s first One Day Meditation Retreat on Sunday 4th March, 11.00am – 4.30pm at The Mansion at Beckenham Place Park

This day long session will see you benefiting from feeling more relaxed and less stressed and anxious, happier and empowered. You will also leave with tools and techniques you can practice and benefit from in your own time.

This intensive training session for the mind will leave you feeling refreshed, happier and more balanced.

The day retreat at the beginning of August was wonderfully uplifting and my mind was almost still for 3 days after!
(The inner chatter of my mind subsided markably)”

What new meditation skills will you leave with?
By attending this meditation retreat, you will benefit from five hours worth of carefully selected mood boosting, mindfulness relaxation and gratitude meditations with practical guidance.

The Meditation Day Retreat will be held at:
The Mansion, Beckenham Place Park, Beckenham BR3 1SY

Mindfulness Day Retreat – Pricing and Payment

Cost for the Day
Day session including a light lunch and refreshments – £85

Mindfulness Day Retreat – Date and Times

Date and Times
Date: Sunday 4th March.
Please arrive before 11am.
Lunch: 1pm
Finish at 4:30pm

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Bromley Mindfulness Community Events and News October and November 2017

As our community grows, so do the news, events and happenings. We will start to send out reasonably regular newsletters with just community news which will be separate from our schedules of training.

November Social on Sunday the 5th of November

There is no meditation class at beckenham place park on Saturday the 4th of November so, on Sunday the 5th of November, we will meet at the cafe at Beckenham Place Park at 9:45 and walk around the park. Beckenham Place Park is 240 acres of forest and fields.
It is like being in the countryside so we intend to make the most of it. We think the trees will still be in late autumn leaf so that will be a real pleasure. We will get back for 11am then there will be meditation in the mansion and then we will walk up to Beckenham to meet for a coffee/tea/drink/chat and social.
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Bromley Mindfulness on YouTube

I have been using various videos to explain mindfulness, meditation and resilience so we now have a central place for all of these. We will also add videos from time to time with specific information.
Check us out on YouTube

Calling all Wellness Practitioners

Beckenham Place Park 1st session_680x510
On January the 28th, Bromley Mindfulness will be running a Wellness and Mindfulness Day at The Mansion in Beckenham Place Park.
We are looking for practitioners working in wellness, health and wellbeing.
We would like to invite ten wellness practitioners to attend. I will give priority to graduates and regular students.
Click here for a 3D tour of our presentation space  

We want a mix of practitioner skills so do drop us a line.
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Want to learn to teach mindfulness?

Are you a Bromley Mindfulness course graduate and want to learn how to teach mindfulness meditation?
We are just about to start (once we have enough enrolled applicants) a course to train meditation teachers. We will run training sessions on Monday or Thursday evenings once or twice per month.
Click below to contact us.
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Helping out at Romney House

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could borrow a cat or a kitten to spend some quiet time with?

Well now you can if you are happy to volunteer to help Silvana and Sharon…
Sharon and Silvana work at Romney House Cat Rescue. SIlvana runs it and Sharon is a key staff member.
One of the many tasks they need done to assist at the cat rescue centre in Downe is called cat socialization. The cats and kittens are often found in a difficult way in the wild, or having experienced trauma.
They need human company for a while so that they become calm and happy enough around humans to be adopted.
To do this, you will need to dedicate some time to spend with the cats and/or kittens. At first they just need to get to know that humans mean them no harm then over time they will accept contact and eventually become integrated into our mutually beneficial human/cat world.

If you are interested in helping, with cat and kitten socialization or any other work around the rescue centre or at the shop in Petts Wood, please click the button below.
I want to help the kitties!

Mike’s walk to visit his father

Mike in the Pyrenees_680x510
Some of you know Mike Matania who is my Co-Founder at the Present Moment Project. Mike has been working hard setting up mindfulness for young people throughout the country with Mind the mental health charity and is currently walking from Charlton to Malaga in Southern Spain via Santiago de Compostela on a personal non-religious journey to meet his father.
His GoFundMe page has information on the what and why of his journey and he has also started a blog.
Over the last couple few days, Mike has descended from the foothills of the Pyrenees where the above photo was taken and is currently in the Pamplona area.
If you would like to learn more about Mike’s journey, click on the button below.
Mike’s GoFundMe Page

Midweek day retreat?

I have had a few requests for a midweek day retreat. It will probably be on a Monday or a Thursday. Please reply with an email and I shall add you to a list and run one once we have enough interest.
Midweek Day Retreat

Bromley Mindfulness Autumn Social in Beckenham on Sunday November 5th 2017

For our next social we will make it close to home by incorporating a ‘country walk’ and a mindful walk at Beckenham Place Park before our regular meditation session then we will walk up to Beckenham for lunch/coffee/drinks at one of the numerous hostelries there.

We plan to meet at the cafe at the mansion in Beckenham Place Park by 9:45. We will leave from there and walk around the park which takes about an hour. The plan is to do the final part of the walk as a mindful walk which is a great form or mediation.

We will meditate as usual from 11am to 12am then walk up to Beckenham.

If you would like to, you can check out our facebook event here:

Please click the button below and drop us a line if you want to know more.

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How to press the pause button and calm your mind in 90 seconds

How to calm your busy mind in 90 seconds – works for 80 percent of people

Have you ever tried to meditate and found that your mind is so busy that it is an exercise in frustration?

On those rare occasions when life isn’t quite so hectic and we get the chance to stop the hectic carousel of our lives we can sit down for a moment to notice the workings of our minds. When we do that, we discover that there is an awful lot going on.

For many people there is a constant inner dialogue. The inner dialogue is that voice in our heads that labels, criticises, compares and comments. For many, this can be a continuous process. Our become permanently occupied by going over our infinite lists of infinite tasks as they infinitely overflow. Or we can spend days, months or ever years, dredging up events from the past and replaying them or constructing future outcomes and repeatedly rehearsing for them.

Left to it’s own devices, the modern mind is constantly busy. Silent, still calmness seems as remote as anything could possibly be and our society craves for those calm wooded mountain streams or the rhythm of waves on a sea shore that seem to be the only times when we can find this deep well of calmness that we all know, intuitively, can be found within us.

The busy, working day can become a blur of activities, internal and external.

How do we switch it off?

Everyone is different but there are some techniques that work for more, or less people. The technique that I am describing in this article helps, in 90 seconds, to calm the minds of about 80 or 90 percent of the people I teach it to. It is a combination of other techniques that I have learned from various sources and it is very effective in bringing calm to an overactive mind. I call it character counting.

Character Counting

Character Counting

Character Counting

Close your eyes and count random numbers between 1 and 10 in your mind, using your inner voice.
Each time you count a number, imagine you are writing the number in the air on a dark night with a sparkler. You need to notice how it would feel to move your hand and also, if you are a visual person, imagine how the number is displayed in the air.

Do this exercise for at least 90 seconds.

The majority of people notice that their mind becomes calm and still. The inner voice is often silent.
This is the most effective way to calm a busy mind in a short period of time.

If this doesn’t work for you, don’t despair, check out some of our other training on this site or come along to one of our events where you can learn something that works for you.

An insight into my personal meditation practice

A question I get asked a lot is: “What does my personal meditation practice look like?”.

This post is for those guys. I hope you find it useful and feel free to comment.

I dictated this during my meditation on the morning of the 24th July.

I meditate in a variety of ways, places and times: everything from a regular morning practice to meditating wherever I find myself during the day, travelling or waiting in a queue or in a quiet five minutes. I also sometimes meditate in bed after I wake up or before I go to sleep (beditation). When I add the meditations that I teach (I always meditate when I am guiding a meditation), I probably meditate for a couple of hours per day on average.

I decided a while back to go over to using my Zen Bench as often as I can which is the best meditation bench I have been able to find. I usually meditate on one of a number of different cushions depending on my mood but I think that my posture is better on the Zen Bench so I am working on moving over to it. This is because when I teach I often find myself on random cushions or various chairs/stools or on the floor/ground.

If you are interested you can buy one here: I have no association with the makers.

This article is an insight into a one hour regular practice meditation I did on the morning of the 24th of July. This is just an insight into my experience. It isn’t anything in the way of a regular experience as, for me, there is no regular experience. My meditations vary considerably. Sometimes I might meditate with an intention such as to gain some insight on a choice I need to make, or to just follow the breath, or to calm a busy mind or resolve conflicting thoughts or release some emotion (increasingly rare), or focus on the body, or relax or do compassion practices or open awareness or whatever. But most commonly now, I allow my meditation to go wherever it goes. This is one of those sessions.

I used an app on my iPhone called Drafts to dictate every so often so this is in the nature of a running commentary. I have edited it as much of the grammar was incorrect and many words had been captured incorrectly but there isn’t much change from what I dictated. I dictated a few sentences to describe my experience whenever I became aware to do so. After half an hour I noted the time into the meditation that I had reached. I have left the drafts dictation end bars === in place. These are created by Drafts at the end of each dictation. Any comments that I have added after the meditation, I have enclosed in brackets.

I did my morning yoga before I started which consists of Makka Ho stretches and a set of sun salutations: I do between three and ten depending on how I feel.

I didn’t meditate with any intention (except to dictate my experience) and just allowed the meditation to go where it wanted to go.

I sit so that my torso and head are at the point of equilibrium where leaning back causes my head or torso to fall back and leaning forward causes them to fall forward. This means no muscles are operating and I will be the more comfortable for longer.

My Meditation Space July 2017_680x907

My meditation
“Becoming aware of my connection to the Earth. Allowing myself to feel gravity pushing me down into the ground and adjusting my balance.
My eyes are open. I allow my body to relax with my arms by my side and no muscles are tense. Just maintaining my balance and allowing myself to notice where my awareness settles.

Aware throughout this of the breath. Also aware of the breeze moving the plants and trees in the garden and of the colours and shapes, textures, reflections, contrasts, patterns, shade, light, dark.

Allowing myself to become aware of any discomfort in my body and adjusting if necessary. Checking to see if I’m relaxing. Adjusting my balance again.

Checking in with my body
Noticing I’m calmly alert: not tired, no headache (I had a headache the previous night), a tiny amount of brain fog. Noticing it’s quiet, that there is movement somewhere in the house and traffic noise in the distance.

I can’t taste anything, there’s just a hint of a smell of some sort, not obvious what it is, now closing my eyes.

Becoming aware of my physical sensations: balance, comfort, relaxation, warmth, alertness. Noticing I can feel my heart beat, my attention moving to the breath in my chest. Noticing the rhythm.

Focusing on the sense of air in my nostrils, Again checking my balance. (I’m surprised to know how often I do that. Possibly it is because I don’t usually use the Zen Bench and I have an underlying intention to focus on my posture).

Now focusing on the breath I’m surprised to notice that I have now been meditating for 15 minutes.

Following the breath
The mind is quite calm this morning. When I allow myself to be aware of thoughts arising I notice very quiet, almost distantly in my mind, the beginning of sentences forming as thoughts: half formed sentences arise which stop when I become aware of them. (It is as if the mind is trying to get a train of thought going and my awareness of it doing so cuts it off).

I sit listening for thoughts. No images arise, just half formed sentences of the inner voice.
Adjusting my balance again.
Relaxing in the gap between half formed sentences arising. Slowly focusing on the breath and seeking the source of thought in the background. Now just the occasional word popping into my awareness and words not getting as far as forming into even the start of sentences. I’m aware that there is a potential for the inner voice to arise, but it is not transforming into a coherent statement and it slowly diminishes in the background as I focus on the breath, particularly the coolness of the in breath. Adjusting my balance again. Relaxing again.
Now just focusing on the coolness of the breath.

A calm mind
No thoughts arising now at all now. I’ve been sitting for 30 minutes.
Allowing myself to notice how I feel emotionally at 35 minutes. What emotions are there? There is nothing obvious so I’m just sitting, allowing any emotional state, any unsatisfactoriness, any discomfort or anxiety or joy or happiness to arise.
Nothing arises. Making a space for insights. (Sometimes when my mind is quiet, intuitive insights arise but not on this day).

Forming an intention to connect to the sensory present moment.

Open Awareness
Opening my eyes at 40 minutes. Moving over to open awareness meditation. Allowing myself to connect to all of my sensory experiences. Allowing my vision to roam around as it wishes. Closing my eyes from time to time to focus on the body, sound, smell, taste, the sensation of sitting, the breath, sounds, distant sounds, the sound of the breath, my balance.
Gently scanning my body, readjusting my balance, relaxing, noticing the sensation in my legs, noticing slight discomfort now in my right knee (an old injury). Allowing my sense of feeling and touch in my body to move out around me beyond my body. (I didn’t realise I did this. To me it was just a sensory experience where the sense of connection came into my body. Possibly that varies). Allowing my sense of feeling to move beyond the body and extend out into the room including all of my surroundings, down into the ground and above my head. My mood elevating and a sense of physical connection like a tingling and the best massage ever arising as I connect. Still aware of the sensations of discomfort in my right knee now but it is mildly improved with an adjustment of posture by repositioning my thighs on the bench.
Noticing the breath rising and falling feeling the sense of connection.
Eyes still closed, exploring my feeling of connection and noticing the joy arising. Smiling, noticing the discomfort in the knee, adjusting my body, checking in with my shoulders, ensuring I’m relaxed, tipping my head back to balance, a smile on my face, joy continuing to arise.

51 minutes now, I’m aware of the warm sensation throughout my body where the joy is filling it. Grateful and thankful for this.
Basking in the sensory pleasure of the feeling of connection to my surroundings, the rhythm of the breath in the body, the sound of the trees being blown in the breeze mixing with the traffic noise, the airplane noise and the sound of my breath. Connecting with the sound, connecting with feeling, noticing the same sense of pleasure and joy in my fingers and hands as there is in my chest and shoulders.
Settling back to calmly witness all of this, the quality of the joy changing from one of near euphoria to one of a calm collected connection.


55 minutes, eyes opening, observing the source of thought again, noticing that there is no thought and also no potential for thought.
Noticing the breath, noticing a sense of compassion

57 minutes
Noticing distant sounds, police sirens, airplanes, movement of the plants and trees. The sense of joy has become a calm relaxation.

One hour.
Ending the meditation and stretching.”