Solo Retreat – first day

It seems that my first day on solo retreat is always one where my mind is very busy.
Each morning on retreat I get up, feed the dogs and take them for a walk. When I get back, this is the quietest time for me. Yesterday when I got back I sat to meditate and really struggled as the thoughts were intervening and my mind felt clouded.
Today by comparison, my mind is as clear as a mountain stream.
I brought some ting sha bells with me and I just sounded them three times. Sounds wonderful. It is such a good way to connect to the present moment.
It may sound absurd, but this is working retreat. By work, I mean those creative and innovative things that everybody needs to do, and yet in our crazy lives, there is never the time to do them.
Much of the work that I have to do is related to mindfulness in some way. Despite my mind being relatively busy yesterday, I was able to achieve quite a lot. I have high hopes for the productive output of this week.
I meditated a number of times over the day yesterday. When I had cleared my mind, I did notice a certain amount of emotional undercurrent.
I’m certain during the day today I will be able to work on these emotions and discover what message my subconscious has for me. :)

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