Solo Retreat 2nd day

Yesterday was more of what I call meing and being where the focus of my attention moves between awareness and the inner narrative then back again over and over again.

Today will be a Zen day. My mind is relatively quiet and I’m confident that I can focus on my tasks and achieve my goals by retaining this focus.

Yesterday I cracked an elusive problem that I had been trying to solve, probably for some years now.

The silent stillness, inner and outer, enables a clarity of mind that has become such a rare event in my day-to-day life.

This morning, I am a lot closer to what Tolle refers to as the stillness. Yesterday my awareness opened up and I was able to appreciate nature a lot more.

The place that I am staying is thankfully surrounded by trees, some of which are aspens. They shimmer in the breeze quite magically and are a wonderful thing to focus on when meditating. Apparently aspens were associated with magical powers by the pre-Christian civilisations in Europe and I can quite understand why as the shimmering and rustling sound creates a quite wonderful experience.

This morning my mental experience is less of meing and being and more of mental stillness punctuated by the occasional thought.

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