Welcome to the ‘more than just mindfulness’ podcast series.

A collection of podcasts exploring the nature of the mind, mindfulness, meditation, emotion, behaviour and the history, science, spirituality and insights that I have picked up along the way.

Please come along with us on this journey for a while. Here is where you can listen to our weekly podcast:

Apple mobile devices
Open the Apple podcasts app (download it free from the app store if you can’t find it on your device). Search for’more than just mindfulness’, subscribe to the podcast and you will be able to download each episode and listen to it free of charge.

You can listen online or in your Spotify app by clicking here:

Apple Mac
Open iTunes, go to Podcasts, search for ‘more than just mindfulness’.

Any web browser
You can connect to my podcast host here:

Downloading the MP3 files
You can download the MP3 files from the SoundCloud link below.

SoundCloud Player
To listen on SoundCloud, or to download the audio files, go to the player below.

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