One Day Forgiveness and Compassion Retreat May 2018

Letting Go and Moving on

A one day Retreat at The Mansion in Beckenham


The Day Retreat

The day is an opportunity for healing and growth

Robert will guide and support you on a day of self-enquiry where you will learn to gently and cautiously discover, identify and question the beliefs, thoughts and fears that are the root cause of all of our suffering. It’s a way to understand what’s hurting you, to explore the cause and source of your suffering with clarity and focus.

Each topic will be supported with appropriate meditations that will enable you to strengthen your practices and assist you in your inner journey.

The process consists of acknowledging, accepting, releasing and moving on to a place of inner peace and happiness.

The day retreat at the beginning of August was wonderfully uplifting and my mind was almost still for 3 days after!
(The inner chatter of my mind subsided markably)”

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Robert set up Bromley Mindfulness in 2013. Since then he has developed the intensive Mindfulness-based Resilience course from which over three hundred students of mindfulness have graduated. Each week Robert teaches numerous students at a number of venues in Bromley and at a variety of organisations from local charities to global household names.

Mindfulness-Based Resilience offers a different way of being, a way of experiencing life from the perspective of the present moment rather than from the past, the future or an oppressive life-situation. Using the tools of Mindfulness-Based Resilience, we can learn to leave our pain out of our present moment and find the new perspective that really does lead to happiness.

The day will be a combination of activities and meditations designed to help retreatants to release the burden of memories and fears and doubts that we all carry courtesy of our complex artificial and unnatural lives.

The Venue

You can step out of your daily grind and into our beautiful training space to experience a serene and inspiring escape from your busy life.

The day-retreat will be run in the sedate 18th century Georgian Drawing Room of the Grade II listed Beckenham Place Mansion which has a panoramic view of 237 acres of carefully tended gardens, lawns and flowers and woodland.The Mansion is a decorate and graceful space that sits in natural stillness, offering an inspiring and ideal place to practice mindfulness and meditation without distraction. You will feel better, happier and more relaxed from visiting our pleasant retreat designed to bring calm, comfort and quiet.

Beckenham Place Park is being recovered for the wider community with £4.9M of Lottery funding. We are fortunate to have access to such a perfect location which enables a connection to the stillness and serenity of nature into our meditation experience in such a graceful way.We are surrounded by transport links with four stations less than twenty minutes walk away, many buses and free parking directly outside the building. See below for details.A light lunch is included. The Mansion also has a cafe which is the social centre of our community.

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Start at 11am
Compassion How can we practice it?
Self-Compassion Selfless Selfishness
Acceptance Can we really accept difficulties
Love How to love without being hurt
Lunch About 1 pm
Mindfulness The Foundation of Recovery


Gratitude How our modern perspective fails us
Inner Peace What is it and how do we find it?
Afternoon Tea
Forgiveness How we can release our baggage
The Truth How to discover our own personal truth
 Finish  16:30 pm

Day Retreat – Pricing and Payment

Cost for the Day
Day session including a light lunch and refreshments – £75

Day Retreat – Date and Times

Date and Times
Date: Sunday May 13.
Please arrive before 11am.
Lunch: 1 pm
Finish at 4:30 pm

Book your place now to avoid disappointment
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One Day Forgiveness and Compassion Retreat May 2018 by Bromley Mindfulness is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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