My Solo Retreat starts tomorrow!

I’m going to be staying alone in the Sussex countryside for seven days but I will have access to my iPhone which I shall limit to an hour per day online in the evenings. This means data will be off until the evening and the area has very poor reception so it’s also largely a digital detox with no mobile contact too. If I feel so moved, I may go completely offline, it remains to be seen.

The venue is a friends farm style house. The neighbours are hundreds of yards away. It’s a ten minute walk to the quiet village that doesn’t have a shop.

The road leads nowhere and there’s a car every 30 minutes or so. There are some lovely walks that I shall do directly from the house.

I will need to visit town once in the week to replenish my supplies. As I’m here from  the 15th to the 22nd, I will make that visit on the 19th so I shall have three full solitary days to start. This is because the last time I did something similar, my mind was unusually busy for the first two days and quieted down on the third so a visit to town will not intervene in this initial quieting process.

I am not technically totally alone as I shall be looking after two dogs but that won’t trigger many, or any, streams of thought above what would normally happen based on my last similar retreat of three days.

I am hoping to write a blog article daily to report on the experience and anything that I discover in the process.

Watch this space for further reports!

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