Mindfulness Training in January and February 2018

It’s time to rediscover that elusive Peace of Mind

Remember that peaceful sense of calmness where everything just seems right with the world, and nothing needs to be done to change it?

Come to our mindfulness training and reconnect with that feeling.

Mindfulness for Busy People Day Retreat

For some, regularly attending an evening mindfulness course over many weeks can seem like a mountain to climb.
If you are one of those ultra-busy people, we have developed an immersive training session just for you.
On Sunday February 4th we are running a One-Day Mindfulness Training Retreat

Step out of your daily grind and into our beautiful training space to experience a serene and inspiring escape from your busy life. Our day retreat is held in the sedate 18th century rooms of the Grade II listed Beckenham Place Mansion with a panoramic view of 237 acres of carefully tended gardens, lawns and flowers.

The Mansion is a calming and graceful space that sits in natural stillness, offering an inspiring space to learn without distraction. You will feel better, happier and more relaxed from visiting our pleasant retreat designed to bring calm, comfort and quiet.



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January 6-week Courses

Join our 6-week mindfulness courses to learn mindfulness in a small group with expert guidance in an ideal training location.
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Learn about our courses

Our gentlest introduction to mindfulness and meditation

Come along to one of our regular mindfulness meditation sessions run in and around Bromley and Beckenham each week.
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Learn about our classes

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