correct posture

Pretty much all expert meditators take the time to mention correct posture.

The rules seem to be pretty universal:

  • wear loose clothing for comfort
  • back straight – stops us from getting a bad back
  • head straight – helps to keep us aware
  • tongue behind the top teeth – makes us breath from our nostrils
  • hands in lap or somewhere comfortable – avoids discomfort distractions
  • there are as many ways of kneeling/sitting as there are meditators, personally I cross my legs though in the East, especially Zen, they tend to sit with their legs tucked under them
  • it seems to be bad form to move around and adjust your posture in formal meditation sessions but I think it’s fine to move around a bit so long as you keep it to a minimum
  • it is okay to sit in a chair but try not to get too comfortable or you might drift off to sleep. :)
  • eyes either open and looking down, to try to avoid distractions, or eyes closed.

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