What’s happening to Britain at the Moment?

A few days ago a student of mine, who I have been privileged to know for a few years now, sent me a question. I thought it might be useful to publish his question and my response.

“What’s happening to Britain at the moment Robert? So much division and hate – all perpetuated by the media. They seem to wallow in it.”

It’s fear. As Yoda so correctly pointed out… “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.”
As 21st century humans, our only real fear is the fear of isolation. the fear that arises when we feel we are separate. It’s black and white. You’re either connected to all things or you’re separated from all things. When you feel separate, you try to find groups where you don’t feel separate then of course you’re connected to that group and then the outsiders are separate so you fear them. If you look at terrorism and the response to it, it’s all about us and them. Fear of outsiders. Nothing sells news like fear. As they say in the news media, “If it bleeds, it leads”.

But does it have to be so sad?

Fear is the state of the human mind, almost universally. However, suffering has a purpose. The purpose of suffering is to expose whatever it is we believe that doesn’t align with reality and this is designed to be uncomfortable to make us to do something about it. The reality is that everything and everyone is connected. In areas like quantum physics and our other explorations of the universe, science is learning this on a daily basis. Though of course science is in denial and consistently uses terms like ‘spooky’. That word gets used more and more for very good reason. Einstein coined it to explain a connection between particles that was unexplained. He called it ’spooky’ action at a distance. (It’s still unexplained by the way). Suffering arises because either you, or someone else feels separate. The greater the sense of separation, the greater the suffering. You only have to look at the private lives of the terrorists to see how they feel separate and different. This is all there to guide us. It’s a lesson to us, you and me. Of course the media couldn’t get this in a million years because they all absolutely believe the very same narrative that we are all separate. Just billiard balls in the table of life bumping into each other in a meaningless random cosmic game. So what to do? Connect. Smile at one more person today than you would have yesterday. Smile at one more person that looks different to you, that you can’t understand or that you might feel some aversion towards or doubt about or even who makes you uncomfortable. This is how we change this sad world my friend, one smile at a time 🙂 🙏

This week at Bromley Mindfulness – 14th May to 21st May

As we have such a busy week I thought I would send out a bulletin

Today – 14th of May at St Marks – Introduction to Mindfulness


Due to the church room being used as a polling station on the 7th May the Introduction to Mindfulness session will be today. This consists on a talk on mindfulness for newcomers of about 15 minutes and the basic meditations so feel free to attend if you are a regular meditator and just want to experience the power of group meditation.

Saturday the 16th May at 11am – Mindfulness in Beckenham


Starting this Saturday the 16th of May, we shall have another regular mindfulness meditation meetup at venue28, 28 Beckenham Road, BR3 4LS, just by the entrance to Beckenham Spa.

Get your weekend off to a calm and relaxing start and leave the stresses of the week behind with an hour of guided meditation in Beckenham on Saturday mornings.

Initially, I shall teach a combination of mindfulness and gratitude meditations. We are a non-religious meet up but the practices are useful for both religious and secular people.

Venue28 which is an immaculate new events space. We have a quiet and airy room with plenty of natural light.

The venue will provide chairs but there is no disabled access to this room which is on the mezzanine floor.

Please arrive a few minutes early so we are not interrupted during the meditations.

If you’re in Beckenham, find details and RSVP here:


If you’re in Bromley, find details and RSVP here:


This Sunday (17th) is the  St Christopher’s Fun Walk


You will need to register directly with St Christopher’s though please also RSVP so we can get together at some point.


RSVP and catch up with the other members here:


We are at Chantry Studios at lunchtime on Tuesday the 19th as usual


If you work in or near the City, on Thursday, 21st May at City of London Library, I am doing a talk – Learn Emotional Resilience with Mindfulness – Learn how to bounce back from the stress of modern life


12:30, City of London Library in the Barbican centre

2nd floor, Silk Street, EC2Y 8DS

The talk is free but please book with Barbican to ensure a place

You can RSVP on either of our meetup sites:



 The session at St Marks on Thursday the 21st will be the usual mindfulness meditation


 Any questions about any of the events, feel free to either ask me directly or on the event page on meetup.com






For News for the month visit:

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