The playground of our dreams and the stuff of nightmares

Sometimes our minds work seemingly as separate entities, often working directly against us.

We can see this clearly when we dream. Our dreams are the playgrounds of our minds. When we dream our mind has total control. It could create any dream universe that it wishes yet it often *chooses* to create one filled with anxiety and confusion.

Our minds extend our emotions into dreams, they replay the emotional tune of the day to an arrangement of their own composition. Our dreams are constructs that reconcile the way we feel with dream experiences that are aligned with our emotions. Our emotions remain as a residue originally created by the thoughts and experiences of the day which then form the foundations for our nightly dream universe.

This is the stuff that nightmares are made of. Our minds are given free rein and create their own universe in which our lives or physical integrity, or that of our loved ones are threatened.

There are many nightmares and uncomfortable dreams but often with many common themes: there are falling dreams, being naked in public dreams, running away dreams, losing loved ones dreams, being lost dreams and those horrific nightmares where we wake up just as something dreadful is happening. These are all representations of our emotional undercurrents. Common to these nightmares and dreams are feelings of lack of control, inadequacy and general insecurity.

This is the mind’s contribution to our wellbeing. To imaginatively create fear and anxiety for us and replay it in our sleep, magnifying it through the medium of a nightmare. This is the mind’s purpose, to provide motivation, to construct imaginary scenarios which prompt us into action that preempts disaster. This is the emotional content of the genetic heritage of our prehistoric ancestors, whose lives were continually on the sharp edge of survival, and for whom complacency would mean certain death.

The critical concept that we need to consider then, is that it is the exact same mental processes creating our dreams as constructing the daily worries and concerns in our waking life. The same mental processes with the same motivations, operating in exactly the same way.