Notes on Eckhart Tolle’s seminar in London 22nd October 2010

A bit late I know but I’ve been busy. :)

Subject – Transcendence.

Most peoples consciousness consists of the egoic sense of self consisting of compulsive thought.

Compulsive thought and the egoic mind leads to identification with form and through that identification inevitably comes suffering as all forms are impermanent.
All of the great teachers described what Jesus referred to as the “Kingdom of Heaven” which Tolle interprets as the Transcendental Dimension (Kingdom = Dimension and Heaven = Transcendance).

The transcendant dimension is the state of no thought. The ego resists the development of awareness but eventually an individual can attain that state as it is within us all.

Thoughts are the source of identification with forms. The identification is not with the form itself but with the thought of the form. A soccer fan does not identify with the team, he identifies with his concept of the team. An aristocrat does not identify with the bricks in his stately home, but with the concept he has of it.

Hence we become attached to and identify with the abstraction of things rather than the things themselves. 

Wealth and success inhibit the attainment of a transcendental state as the identification with the forms is so strong that the ego binds the contextual sense of self to the forms. Only when there is sufficient suffering, when the form abstractions can dissipate, will we realize that the identification was an artificial creation.  

Tolle used another of Jesus’ teachings “you are the light of the world” from the sermon on the mount to illustrate that the light of awareness exists within us all.

The Buddhist concept of loving kindness is the end result of attaining a transcendant state as we become aware that there is no separation, we are like blocks of ice floating on the top of the sea, formed from water and inevitably melting back into the water. This underlies the realization that we are not separate but fleeting and impermanent life forms effectively a part of the body of water on which they float.