some effective minimizing strategies

  • When you go on leave, take old clothes and donate them to charity at the destination. This gives you room for gifts in your baggage allowance on the way back or just the benefit of travelling light.
  • Pull a drawer out and only put back what you absolutely need. Donate or dispose of the rest.
  • Go through a cupboard and dispose of or donate anything that you haven’t needed for a year.
  • If you struggle with letting go of things that you perceive of as having financial value, donate them to charity.
  • Try disposing of or donating your least interesting half of any collections you have e.g. books, CDs, DVDs etc.
  • Incrementally replace your physical books with the electronic format books that you really need. Donate the physical books.
  • Bite the bullet and dispose of or donate your older clothes one at a time. (saves on ironing!)
  • Minimize and start with whatever you have the most of.


minimizing our stuff

“What we own ends up owning us”
~ Tyler Durden, Fight Club.

To understand the benefits of minimizing your belongings imagine two scenes:

A minimalist Japanese household with a sense of transcendental calm. The few possessions immaculately placed like this.

A hoarder’s room.

These are obviously two extremes but if owning possessions is on a scale, imagine how much simpler life can be if we move towards the simple end?