Bromley Mindfulness March News

First lets start with the fun stuff. Get your diaries out!

Social Meetup
Come along to the Bromley Mindfulness Spring Social Meetup at the Barrel and Horn in Bromley at 2PM on Sunday April 19th.
Everyone is welcome. If you do intend to come, please book into the Meetup group and RSVP. You can book by clicking on this link:

I know there are many of you that can’t make the times of the drop-in classes and so you’ve never attended, but still do come along. It will give you a chance to meet like-minded people in Bromley. I want to make the meetup group as inclusive, fun and useful as possible.

We have booked the cool and quirky ‘Granny’s living room’ area at the Barrel and Horn. You can check it out here:,0.013502,3a,75y,326.54h,73.66t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1sh9vxMRfw9mtWZ9t838XjiQ!2e0!3e2?hl=en

Mindfulness courses starting at the end of March
I’m still taking bookings for the March 8 week courses but places are being confirmed daily so if you want to book up do contact me soon.
You can find the details here:

The Alhambra
From Monday the 13th of April I shall be running mindfulness meditation classes in Beckenham each Monday evening at 7:30pm.
The venue will be 1a Balgowan Road which is a community arts centre with a really cool upstairs room, one wall of which is covered with tiled islamic style isometric and geometric tiles hence the name Alhambra.
The venue is a few minutes from the Beckenham Beacon hospital.
The building is used as a community arts project run by a fascinating guy called Garnet and one of my students Tracie. Way to go Tracie!
The arts project provides facilities for local groups and they have a project working with the school opposite.
Garnet, the manager of the group is a fascinating character about whom a great creative Director Ed Perkins has done a documentary. You can see the documentary this Tuesday on BBC 4 On Storyville at 11PM. it is called The Lost Gold of the Highlands! I haven’t seen it but I can’t wait…
Link to the BBC4 site and programme is here:

St Mark’s Bromley South
I believe that I have found the right format for the drop-in classes
The first Thursday of every month is dedicated to the basic meditations and practices
The second and third Thursday are meditation sessions
The last Thursday is a workshop focused on a topic

Introduction to Mindfulness
The mindfulness meditation sessions at St Marks are now attracting a lovely regular group and it is great fun.
The first Thursday of every month is focused on the basics and is useful for newcomers to get an introduction to mindfulness and also for regulars or experienced meditations and mindfulness practitioners to

Mindfulness Workshop
This month, March, the last Thursday is the 26th and I shall be doing a workshop on Work Related Stress. Do please RSVP. There is no limit on places but it is good to know who is attending.

Chantry Studios
For this great lunchtime venue and fun, relaxed sessions (it is so chilled!), I do a combination of mindfulness meditation and Metta Bhavana (Tibetan Buddhist loving kindness) meditations. There are a wide variety of Metta Bhavana meditations and I widen my repertoire of them on an ongoing basis. In addition to providing a brilliant way to explore your inner experience and find peace of mind, they also leave everyone feeling good…

Guided Meditations online
At Last! I have finally completed the audio editing of a set of basic mindfulness meditations that I will make available to anyone that wants one. Just email me at
I will use DropBox initially so if you would like to download them please send me an email. Don’t worry if you are not on DropBox, it is free to set up and as simple as just clicking on a link. In future, I will set these up on SoundCloud.

Please do drop me a line if you have any question about any of the above on

I hope that you all have a great March and I look forward to meeting you at one of our events, courses or socials!


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