Bromley Mindfulness Community Events and News October and November 2017

As our community grows, so do the news, events and happenings. We will start to send out reasonably regular newsletters with just community news which will be separate from our schedules of training.

November Social on Sunday the 5th of November

There is no meditation class at beckenham place park on Saturday the 4th of November so, on Sunday the 5th of November, we will meet at the cafe at Beckenham Place Park at 9:45 and walk around the park. Beckenham Place Park is 240 acres of forest and fields.
It is like being in the countryside so we intend to make the most of it. We think the trees will still be in late autumn leaf so that will be a real pleasure. We will get back for 11am then there will be meditation in the mansion and then we will walk up to Beckenham to meet for a coffee/tea/drink/chat and social.
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Bromley Mindfulness on YouTube

I have been using various videos to explain mindfulness, meditation and resilience so we now have a central place for all of these. We will also add videos from time to time with specific information.
Check us out on YouTube

Calling all Wellness Practitioners

Beckenham Place Park 1st session_680x510
On January the 28th, Bromley Mindfulness will be running a Wellness and Mindfulness Day at The Mansion in Beckenham Place Park.
We are looking for practitioners working in wellness, health and wellbeing.
We would like to invite ten wellness practitioners to attend. I will give priority to graduates and regular students.
Click here for a 3D tour of our presentation space  

We want a mix of practitioner skills so do drop us a line.
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Want to learn to teach mindfulness?

Are you a Bromley Mindfulness course graduate and want to learn how to teach mindfulness meditation?
We are just about to start (once we have enough enrolled applicants) a course to train meditation teachers. We will run training sessions on Monday or Thursday evenings once or twice per month.
Click below to contact us.
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Helping out at Romney House

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could borrow a cat or a kitten to spend some quiet time with?

Well now you can if you are happy to volunteer to help Silvana and Sharon…
Sharon and Silvana work at Romney House Cat Rescue. SIlvana runs it and Sharon is a key staff member.
One of the many tasks they need done to assist at the cat rescue centre in Downe is called cat socialization. The cats and kittens are often found in a difficult way in the wild, or having experienced trauma.
They need human company for a while so that they become calm and happy enough around humans to be adopted.
To do this, you will need to dedicate some time to spend with the cats and/or kittens. At first they just need to get to know that humans mean them no harm then over time they will accept contact and eventually become integrated into our mutually beneficial human/cat world.

If you are interested in helping, with cat and kitten socialization or any other work around the rescue centre or at the shop in Petts Wood, please click the button below.
I want to help the kitties!

Mike’s walk to visit his father

Mike in the Pyrenees_680x510
Some of you know Mike Matania who is my Co-Founder at the Present Moment Project. Mike has been working hard setting up mindfulness for young people throughout the country with Mind the mental health charity and is currently walking from Charlton to Malaga in Southern Spain via Santiago de Compostela on a personal non-religious journey to meet his father.
His GoFundMe page has information on the what and why of his journey and he has also started a blog.
Over the last couple few days, Mike has descended from the foothills of the Pyrenees where the above photo was taken and is currently in the Pamplona area.
If you would like to learn more about Mike’s journey, click on the button below.
Mike’s GoFundMe Page

Midweek day retreat?

I have had a few requests for a midweek day retreat. It will probably be on a Monday or a Thursday. Please reply with an email and I shall add you to a list and run one once we have enough interest.
Midweek Day Retreat

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