Bromley Mindfulness Community Events and News October and November 2017

As our community grows, so do the news, events and happenings. We will start to send out reasonably regular newsletters with just community news which will be separate from our schedules of training.

November Social on Sunday the 5th of November

There is no meditation class at beckenham place park on Saturday the 4th of November so, on Sunday the 5th of November, we will meet at the cafe at Beckenham Place Park at 9:45 and walk around the park. Beckenham Place Park is 240 acres of forest and fields.
It is like being in the countryside so we intend to make the most of it. We think the trees will still be in late autumn leaf so that will be a real pleasure. We will get back for 11am then there will be meditation in the mansion and then we will walk up to Beckenham to meet for a coffee/tea/drink/chat and social.
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Bromley Mindfulness on YouTube

I have been using various videos to explain mindfulness, meditation and resilience so we now have a central place for all of these. We will also add videos from time to time with specific information.
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Calling all Wellness Practitioners

Beckenham Place Park 1st session_680x510
On January the 28th, Bromley Mindfulness will be running a Wellness and Mindfulness Day at The Mansion in Beckenham Place Park.
We are looking for practitioners working in wellness, health and wellbeing.
We would like to invite ten wellness practitioners to attend. I will give priority to graduates and regular students.
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We want a mix of practitioner skills so do drop us a line.
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Want to learn to teach mindfulness?

Are you a Bromley Mindfulness course graduate and want to learn how to teach mindfulness meditation?
We are just about to start (once we have enough enrolled applicants) a course to train meditation teachers. We will run training sessions on Monday or Thursday evenings once or twice per month.
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Helping out at Romney House

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could borrow a cat or a kitten to spend some quiet time with?

Well now you can if you are happy to volunteer to help Silvana and Sharon…
Sharon and Silvana work at Romney House Cat Rescue. SIlvana runs it and Sharon is a key staff member.
One of the many tasks they need done to assist at the cat rescue centre in Downe is called cat socialization. The cats and kittens are often found in a difficult way in the wild, or having experienced trauma.
They need human company for a while so that they become calm and happy enough around humans to be adopted.
To do this, you will need to dedicate some time to spend with the cats and/or kittens. At first they just need to get to know that humans mean them no harm then over time they will accept contact and eventually become integrated into our mutually beneficial human/cat world.

If you are interested in helping, with cat and kitten socialization or any other work around the rescue centre or at the shop in Petts Wood, please click the button below.
I want to help the kitties!

Mike’s walk to visit his father

Mike in the Pyrenees_680x510
Some of you know Mike Matania who is my Co-Founder at the Present Moment Project. Mike has been working hard setting up mindfulness for young people throughout the country with Mind the mental health charity and is currently walking from Charlton to Malaga in Southern Spain via Santiago de Compostela on a personal non-religious journey to meet his father.
His GoFundMe page has information on the what and why of his journey and he has also started a blog.
Over the last couple few days, Mike has descended from the foothills of the Pyrenees where the above photo was taken and is currently in the Pamplona area.
If you would like to learn more about Mike’s journey, click on the button below.
Mike’s GoFundMe Page

Midweek day retreat?

I have had a few requests for a midweek day retreat. It will probably be on a Monday or a Thursday. Please reply with an email and I shall add you to a list and run one once we have enough interest.
Midweek Day Retreat

Mindfulness for Busy People One Day Intensive Workshop – Beckenham November 12 2017

The focus is on practical experience backed up deeply with the information that gives you the why of mindfulness and not just the what.

The Venue

You can step out of your daily grind and into our beautiful training space to experience a serene and inspiring escape from your busy life.

The workshop will be run in the sedate 18th century Georgian Drawing Room of the Grade II listed Beckenham Place Mansion which has a panoramic view of 237 acres of carefully tended gardens, lawns and flowers and woodland.The Mansion is a decorate and graceful space that sits in natural stillness, offering an inspiring and ideal place to practice mindfulness and meditation without distraction. You will feel better, happier and more relaxed from visiting our pleasant retreat designed to bring calm, comfort and quiet.

Beckenham Place Park is being recovered for the wider community with £4.9M of Lottery funding. We are fortunate to have access to such a perfect location which enables a connection to the stillness and serenity of nature into our meditation experience in such a graceful way.The Mansion is aWe are surrounded by transport links with four stations less than twenty minutes walk away, many buses and free parking directly outside the building. See below for details.A light lunch is included. The Mansion also has a cafe which is the social centre of our community.


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The workshop introduces the most effective mindfulness techniques. The workshop is packed with with real life examples. There is personal guidance and support combined with the latest tools and techniques. The workshop will equip you with the tools and techniques you need to learn mindfulness and resilience.

You’ll leave the day with skills to:

  • Reduce negative thoughts and emotions
  • Increase your wellbeing and happiness
  • Reduce the impact of difficult experiences

What you will get from the workshop

  • Intensive in-person multi-channel training
  • Key meditation practices
  • Supporting handouts for the day
  • Online video clips
  • Guided online meditation MP3s
  • Supported homework for a month after the workshop
  • E-book recommendations, scientific papers, news articles, literature and references
  • A springboard for your personal development or further study
  • Membership of the Bromley Mindfulness student community with regular meditation classes, retreats, workshops and social events
  • One month’s telephone, text or email support
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Agenda – Sunday 12th November 2017

Arrive at any point before 11 as the cafe is open downstairs. We will be in the Drawing Room from 11am.

Time Activity
11:00 Introduction
11:10 Emotional Intelligence
12:00 Stress, Anxiety and Worry
12:30 Mindfulness
13:00 Lunch – a light lunch with vegetarian options is available
14:00 Peace of Mind and Relaxation
15:15 Tea
15:30 Integrating Mindfulness and Meditation into your busy life
16:30 Finish
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About The Workshop

About Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a natural trait. Anyone can learn the state of mind that is mindfulness. You will learn to step into the present moment and get the very best from it. Our mindfulness training helps you to observe your thoughts, feelings and behaviour without being overwhelmed. You can unlearn unhelpful attachment and judgement.

The History of Mindfulness

Mindfulness training is an ancient collection of tools and techniques taught in a modern way. Thousands of scientific studies have produced evidence of reductions in stress and anxiety from meditation and mindfulness.

How Mindfulness is being used

Global organisations use mindfulness to advance themselves. Examples are: the NHS, Google, Intel, Bank of America, as well as sportsmen, athletes, the US military and many others.

What changes with Mindfulness?

We learn to step back from compulsive or repetitive thoughts and feelings. We learn to observe our surroundings with a sense of connection that brings fulfilment. These are simple yet powerful techniques. They can change how we think, feel and act in the face of the challenges of everyday life.

Who can benefit?

Our workshops are not just for stress reduction.
For high-achievers, our tools and techniques can accelerate your personal development. Everyone leaves with new skills and for some, the experience can be transformational.

About Resilence

Resilience is learning to cope with adversity in a way that helps us cope with future adversity. Resilience can be learned and there are a number of techniques that allow us to do so. We focus on these techniques during the workshop.

Dealing with stressful experiences

We teach tried and tested stress management techniques that you can use in the moment when you are expecting or experiencing stress. We teach techniques to deal with the aftermath and also how to return to a happy and balanced state of mind.

Finding calmness in the turmoil

By attending our mindfulness workshop, you will learn how to manage high stress situations. You will learn to recognise and manage the after-effects. You can find that deep well of calm that only seems to be available to a few.

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Practicing the 4-6 Breaths Stress Management Technique using the Heartrate Coherence+ App

The Breath and Stress

When we breathe in, we are activating the sympathetic (fight and flight) nervous system. When we breathe out, we are activating the parasympathetic (relaxation) nervous system. By increasing the ratio of time spent in relaxation, we relax the body. This sends signals to the brain that all is well.

By breathing regularly and smoothly we are sending signals to the brain that all is well. This results in reduced heart rate variability. Our heart beats with less variation of time and helps to induce calmness.

4-6 Breaths

The 4-6 breath breathing pattern is an easy breathing pattern that helps many students to become calmer. If this causes you and discomfort in any way please do not practice it. Instead you can learn some of the relaxation exercises.

To practice the 4-6 breaths follow these steps

  • Breathe in while counting to four seconds and breathe out while counting to six.
  • When you have achieved a comfortable natural rhythm, breathe in and out as smoothly as possible
  • To breathe smoothly, inhale the same amount of air at the beginning, the middle and the end of both the in breath and the out breath.
  • When you have achieved a comfortable natural rhythm again, focus your attention on the point where the out-breath stops, just before the in-breath begins. I call this the bottom of the breath.
  • Notice how it feels, each time the cycle of the breath returns there.
  • Maintaining the rhythm and cycle of the breath, as you breathe in, focus your attention on the top of your head
  • You may have to touch the crown of your head with your hand to focus on it, but once that is done you will have tuned in
  • As you breathe out, focus your attention on the movement of your belly button as it moves in
  • As the out breath finishes notice the bottom of the breath
  • Repeat this cycle with each breath for a few minutes
  • You will find that you become calmer

To assist in practicing this exercise I have added a youtube video that explains how to download, install the app, use it and analyse the results.

Let me know if any questions arise.

Bromley Mindfulness Autumn Social in Beckenham on Sunday November 5th 2017

For our next social we will make it close to home by incorporating a ‘country walk’ and a mindful walk at Beckenham Place Park before our regular meditation session then we will walk up to Beckenham for lunch/coffee/drinks at one of the numerous hostelries there.

We plan to meet at the cafe at the mansion in Beckenham Place Park by 9:45. We will leave from there and walk around the park which takes about an hour. The plan is to do the final part of the walk as a mindful walk which is a great form or mediation.

We will meditate as usual from 11am to 12am then walk up to Beckenham.

If you would like to, you can check out our facebook event here:

Please click the button below and drop us a line if you want to know more.

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How to press the pause button and calm your mind in 90 seconds

How to calm your busy mind in 90 seconds – works for 80 percent of people

Have you ever tried to meditate and found that your mind is so busy that it is an exercise in frustration?

On those rare occasions when life isn’t quite so hectic and we get the chance to stop the hectic carousel of our lives we can sit down for a moment to notice the workings of our minds. When we do that, we discover that there is an awful lot going on.

For many people there is a constant inner dialogue. The inner dialogue is that voice in our heads that labels, criticises, compares and comments. For many, this can be a continuous process. Our become permanently occupied by going over our infinite lists of infinite tasks as they infinitely overflow. Or we can spend days, months or ever years, dredging up events from the past and replaying them or constructing future outcomes and repeatedly rehearsing for them.

Left to it’s own devices, the modern mind is constantly busy. Silent, still calmness seems as remote as anything could possibly be and our society craves for those calm wooded mountain streams or the rhythm of waves on a sea shore that seem to be the only times when we can find this deep well of calmness that we all know, intuitively, can be found within us.

The busy, working day can become a blur of activities, internal and external.

How do we switch it off?

Everyone is different but there are some techniques that work for more, or less people. The technique that I am describing in this article helps, in 90 seconds, to calm the minds of about 80 or 90 percent of the people I teach it to. It is a combination of other techniques that I have learned from various sources and it is very effective in bringing calm to an overactive mind. I call it character counting.

Character Counting

Character Counting

Character Counting

Close your eyes and count random numbers between 1 and 10 in your mind, using your inner voice.
Each time you count a number, imagine you are writing the number in the air on a dark night with a sparkler. You need to notice how it would feel to move your hand and also, if you are a visual person, imagine how the number is displayed in the air.

Do this exercise for at least 90 seconds.

The majority of people notice that their mind becomes calm and still. The inner voice is often silent.
This is the most effective way to calm a busy mind in a short period of time.

If this doesn’t work for you, don’t despair, check out some of our other training on this site or come along to one of our events where you can learn something that works for you.