About Bromley Mindfulness

About Us
At Bromley Mindfulness, we’re achieving our goal of helping people to feel happier, more fulfilled and less stressed every day.

Bromley Mindfulness runs a practical, mindfulness and meditation-based training programme that helps it’s students to develop the skills they need to build their resilience.

Bromley Mindfulness is Robert Mitchell and his associates. Bromley Mindfulness’s vision is to help people come to the realisation that peace of mind and happiness is achievable through mindfulness and to help create a world where mindfulness is an accessible state of mind for everyone.

Our Work with Organisations
In addition to teaching mindfulness to individuals in Bromley and neighbouring areas, We work with organisations of all sizes from global clients to local community organisations.

We work with the following organisations:

  • Ofgem (The UK Government energy regulator)
  • Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust
  • Amazon UK
  • CMS Nabarro Olswang (No. 6 Law Firm Globally)
  • Eversheds Sutherland (Top 10 UK Law Firm)
  • Mind UK
  • Bromley and Lewisham MIND
  • HM Inspectorate of Crown Prosecution Services
  • Change, Grow, Live
  • Shaw Trust

Through working with these organisations we provide mindfulness training, coaching, support and advice for some disparate groups from office workers and professionals to hard to reach and marginalised groups such as alcoholics and narcotics addicts, carers, the disabled, long-term unemployed, young people and other service users and staff in caring organisations.

To get an idea of the sort of work we do, take a look at the Bromley Recovery Services case study.

More case studies are being produced.

Comprehensive Mindfulness Training
Mindfulness is a journey not a single step
Taking a course or sitting alone meditating is simply not enough in our high-pressure world. If you really want to make mindfulness work for you, you will need a support network. You’ll need the support and guidance of experienced teachers, regular drop-in sessions and membership of a thriving community of mindfulness students. This is what can turn mindfulness into a transformational tool that will change your life for the better.

6-week mindfulness courses
We run regular 6-week Mindfulness-Based Emotional Resilience courses starting each month. The courses are designed to help you transform the way that you think, feel and act in the face of everyday or significant challenges.

Regular meditation classes
Our regular meditation classes allow Bromley Mindfulness students to attend weekly classes which help to maintain their practices, enables them to learn new techniques and meet their fellow students.

Mindfulness Workshops
There are regular Mindfulness workshops focused on relevant topics and designed to extend and complement the other services.

We run regular retreats in Bromley and West Malling in Kent where you can learn carefully selected mood-boosting, relaxation and stress management exercises, meditations, information and practical guidance.

One-to-One Mindfulness Coaching
One-to-One coaching is available either online or at local premises. The coaching is entirely flexible and will provide you with the wealth of experience you need in working with your inner and everyday experiences. You will get the support and guidance you need to use Mindfulness to transform your life.

The Bromley Mindfulness Community
At the heart of Bromley Mindfulness is our community of students. In addition to the classes and courses, we have regular formal and informal social events. Everything from regular informal coffees after a class to attending organised social events. Come along and join us to meet with other local like-minded people.

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