A Movement for Beneficial Change

Be the change you want to see in the worldMohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Changer of the World - 1869-1948)

In the process of teaching mindfulness I encounter many wonderful people working extremely hard to effect beneficial change.

I thought it would be good to highlight some of these fellow travellers and help to raise their profiles using what has become a considerable social reach for Bromley Mindfulness.

So here are the first entries in that process:

Positive Pete Positive Pete - 70

Denise Riley has been a regular attendee at Bromley Mindfulness’s classes at least since 2015. She runs a charity called Positive Pete that does great work in schools around the London area by engaging volunteer mentors to work with young people that are struggling to cope with our ever-changing and ever-more-challenging world. Some of the transformations for these young people has been quite spectacular and has helped to turn them from destructive behaviours to help them grow and flourish.

Positive Pete trains volunteer mentors that can find some time and who then go into schools to mentor the young people. This is a win-win situation as the mentors grow and flourish along with the mentees. I can testify to the transformative nature of this process as we have mentors as part of the Bromley Mindfulness community.

Visit the Positive Pete website here: http://www.positivepete.co.uk/


Peter Lyne is someone that has dedicated his time, with great effect to championing mobility for the disabled. Through his charity, MASIS, he is providing an information service for disabled people to understand how they can gain more mobility and a clearing house for information in that area. Peter works with other charities and organisations to make this available and to help and inform disabled folks about what they can do.

Check out MASIS here: http://www.masis.org.uk/

The Get Better Boxget_better_box

If you know someone that is poorly, then The Get Better Box is for you (and them). Marie is a Bromley Mindfulness student that has set up a business delivering get better boxes to the poorly, infirm or simply stressed. There is a get better box for most ailments and they are curated and packed and shipped by hand.

Spread the love to the poorly with The Get Better Box here: https://www.thegetbetterbox.co.uk/

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