a micro body scan you can do anywhere

When you practice the body scan in daily meditation, start at the feet, slowly progress up to the crown of the head and fingers, moving from one body part to the next relaxing as you go, then return the focus of your awareness slowly back down the body to your feet.

Once you have practiced this enough, speed it up so your awareness and relaxation whizzes from your feet to your crown and fingertips and back.
This can be done with a breath in and out:
Breathing in moves the relaxation scan from the feet to the crown and fingers. Hold it momentarily then scan back down the body with your relaxing awareness to your feet.

To help, visualise an old photocopier where the light moved from one side of the photocopier to the other then back again.

Then, when you’re in your office or on your morning commute, or anywhere where you can benefit from relaxing you can do the micro body scan to release the tension from your body and return to the present moment.


a micro body scan you can do anywhere by Bromley Mindfulness is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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