8 Easy Steps To Mastering Meditation Day-Retreat Beckenham January 13 2019

Join us for our 8 Easy Steps to Mastering Meditation Day-Retreat on Sunday, January 13, 11 am – 4.30 pm at The Mansion at Beckenham Place Park.

The focus is on practical experience backed up fully with the information you need to understand the why and how of meditation, and not just the what.


The retreat introduces the most effective meditation training techniques. The retreat is packed with real-life examples. There is personal guidance and support, combined with the latest tools and techniques. The retreat will equip you with the skills you need to build a sustainable meditation practice.

About 8 easy steps to mastering meditation

This day is being run in conjunction with the ‘8 easy steps to mastering meditation mini-series’ which is a series of one hour meditation classes that run through January and February 2019. It can be attended separately or while attending the mini-series. For details of the mini-series, click here: 8steps to Mastering meditation mini-series.
Meditation is officially hard. All the articles and books about meditation explain this. If you’ve tried to meditate, you will have experienced the busy mind that meditators in the East call the ‘monkey mind’. For most new meditators, the busyness of the ‘monkey mind’ becomes a frustrating experience.

I have personally experienced this. When I first learned to meditate, I was taught in the traditional way which actually makes meditation an unsatisfactory experience for many new meditators. It soon just becomes yet another chore that we ‘must do’ because it will be good for us. We then struggle to fit in our meditation sessions alongside, work, commuting, family, exercise, socialising, time off and so-on. Meditation rarely wins this competition for our time and attention.

My 30 years of experience meditating and my five years of experience teaching meditation in person to over 5,000 students in 600 courses and over a thousand classes and training sessions has helped me learn how people can learn to meditate most easily.

I will teach you how to avoid all the usual distractions, dead ends and pitfalls. They are all things that I, and most meditators, experience. Not because that is how meditation is, but because that is how it is taught.

My goal is for you to gain and maintain a sustainable practice.

You can learn, in a single day, how to find and build a sustainable practice which will help you learn how to cope with the challenges of our increasingly frantic, and sometimes overwhelming, lives.

You’ll leave the day with the skills to:

  • Reduce unhelpful thoughts and uncomfortable emotions
  • Increase your well-being and happiness
  • Learn how to reduce the impact of difficult experiences

What you will get from the retreat

  • Intensive in-person training
  • Key meditation practices
  • Stress management techniques
  • Emotional resilience techniques
  • Supporting handouts for the day
  • Online video clips
  • Guided online meditation MP3s
  • Supported homework for a month after the retreat
  • E-book recommendations, scientific papers, news articles, literature and other references
  • A springboard for your personal development or further study
  • Membership of the Bromley Mindfulness student community with regular meditation classes, retreats, retreat and social events
  • One month’s telephone, text or email support
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Agenda – Sunday 13 January 2018

Step Topic
1 Meditation. What is it, why would I want it and how do I get it?
2 Meditation and the busy mind
3 Meditation and stress
4 Meditation and mindfulness
5 Meditation and focus
6 Too busy to meditate
7 Meditation and relaxation
8 Meditation and fatigue
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About The Retreat

Who can benefit?

Our retreats are not just for stress reduction. According to Tim Ferris’ book ‘Tools of Titans’, 80% of the highly successful people he interviewed to learn about their habits have either a meditation or mindfulness practice.
Our tools and techniques can accelerate your personal development. Everyone leaves with new skills and for some, the experience can be transformational.

Training Location

The Meditation Day Retreat will be held at:
The Mansion, Beckenham Place Park, Beckenham BR3 1SY

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